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There's one thing that makes me really sad about this program, the fact that all this work put into it could have produced an excellent two pane file manager, but the way things are, XYplorer is too expensive to worth its price.

While Socialcam appears to be one of the better video-sharing apps on iOS, I certainly can't say the same about its sibling on the Android platform. After taking some time to review Socialcam for Android, I realized that the app is fraught with problems and in need of some major attention from its developers.



Of course, I clicked on "New project". This will circle you through a few windows where you can insert all the common data - company and product name, language, the platform your application will be developed for, you can set the appearance of the background window, insert your license text, you'll be asked to provide the files' location path and any technology your application uses (like VB runtimes, ODBC, DCOM, Remote Client/Server Support) along with its type (Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic or another).

YemuZip is a simple, free utility with a single purpose: to help you easily create Mac- and PC-friendly ZIP files with just a quick drag and drop. The Mac OS already includes ZIP-compression functionality (which you can access through contextual menus), but YemuZip add some extras--most importantly, the option to choose between Mac-specific and PC-compatible formats, removing the Mac metadata in the resource fork that can otherwise make ZIP files made on a Mac unreadable on PCs.